Saturday, 23 February 2013

First Shoot In A While

Being unemployed means that I have very limited funds available to do photo shoots, the cost of hiring a model and a studio can be quite expensive so when I recently got a refund on my electricity bill and a rebate from the tax man I could put some of that money towards a shoot with S_Olivia at Spitfire Studios near Swindon.

S_Olivia was holding a studio day and I had booked the last few hours available for that day and arrived with plenty of time due to my having to pick up one or two items. While waiting for my time slot I read an article about a squadron I served on in Germany when I was in the Royal Air Force, which might be worthy of a Blog entry some time.

At the appointed time I went into the studio and set up the lighting, while chatting to S_Olivia about what ideas I wanted to pursue for the shoot. We started with a nude set and changed her hair styling a couple of times as well as trying out some more unusual posing ideas.

We later did some shots that involved some of the items of clothing she brought with her and I also introduced a Bowler hat and an unusual Pool Ball handled Swagger Stick in a few of the shots. The final set involved more nudity and a slight change in the lighting set-up.
Photographer: Me (Mugshots-UK)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Photoshop Fun

As I mentioned in my last Blog, I intended to do some digital manipulation on a couple of the images and I have at last got around to doing the work in Photoshop.

The first one is inspired by a scene from a 1986 Ken Russell film Gothic where the camera zooms in to the nipple of a bared female breast and an eye opens where the nipple is.

It was not as easy as I had first thought it would be and my first attempt was most unsatisfactory, this one is still not as good as I would like, but is much improved on my first attempt

The next idea was originally based on the Leonardo da Vinci drawing of the Vitruvian Man, but I seem to have produced something more akin to the Hindu Goddess Durga.

Oh well, back to the drawing board and we'll see what my warped mind comes up with next time.

Many thanks to S_Olivia for her patience on this shoot.