Monday, 31 October 2011

There Is A First Time For Everything

I have been doing shoots with S_Olivia for nearly a year now, and she recently decided that it was time to move on with her modelling and try out some new styles as she had recently celebrated her 18th birthday.

To this end she has decided to add topless and nude to the modelling styles she is happy to work to and over the last week I have had two shoots with her and you can see some of the results below.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Photographic Societies / Clubs

Over the years I have been an active member of several photographically orientated clubs and societies. I have found these groups very useful places to learn and develop my photography, but I do find myself frustrated with the comments that many competition judges make about all of the work they are judging, to the extent that I no longer go to competition judging events, although I do enter the competitions.

This wee at the Society that I currently attend, they had critique evening where we were all asked to bring along two images for projection in the format that the society uses for competitions, i.e. the finished image must be 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high, if your image is in portrait format you are expected to increase the canvas width with a plain black in-fill.

Most of my studio work is photographed against a black background, so the first comment when my first photo was shown was “It’s a pity it’s in the middle of the frame”! So after it was explained that this was a portrait format presented as per competition rules there then came the comment that should put a white key line around the edge of the photo, fair point so I will take it on board, but to my surprise the original comment was stated at least once more!

As the general discussion about my image continued I was taken by the interpretation of the image as presented, one person queried why I had not shown the full length of the chair that the model, ERosanne, was sat on. I pointed out that the studio floor was heavily scuffed and it was easier for me to crop it out, then another jokers said you could have put down some black paper!!!!!!!!! The studio I was using for the shoot was huge, and as it was new year I there were no shops open for me to go and purchase said paper, as more comments were emerging from the assembled multitude it dawned on me that the members of the Society I belong to are all Camera Club Judges in the making.

 The photo as presented
The photo as it was taken

Note to self; avoid these critique events if you want to retain your sanity!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Weekend Away

Having been made redundant, I had a weekend away from home and had a chance to meet up with old friends and to indulge in some photography. On the Saturday morning I packed the car with all of the kit I was going to need and some things that I thought might be required over the weekend, and set off for St. Athan in South Wales.

Two and a half hours later I pulled up in the driveway, rang the doorbell and waited and waited, after a while I phoned all the numbers that I had to hand to no avail, so I tried the door and it was open! I eventually found everyone luxuriating in the hot tub and after introductions I settled down for a chat with everyone.

On the Sunday a late start and breakfast, and the two girls I came to photograph started to get ready for the shoot, hair was done and basic makeup applied and we then all set off to the location for the shoot. At the location I unloaded my car and set up all of my portable studio kit and generally prepared myself for the shoot while the final makeup was completed and we were ready for the shoot.


My models for the day was Madi, the daughter of Lyndy who had modelled for me back in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and Madi’s friend Shanice. Lyndy did all of the hair styling and makeup for the shoot, a task that she has done for me in the past, and Lyndy’s sister Liana helped out as well as providing accommodation and meals for the weekend.


On the Monday morning I met another friend, Jackie and her sister Denise, at the Beach Café at Llantwit Major Beach, which was a very welcoming place on a cold and damp morning, and as all photographers, are supposed to, I always have a camera with me and took a quick snap of the sisters together.

Denise and Jackie

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Autumn Nears

As the autumn approaches, I managed to do a couple of shoots with Laura, who’s modelling name is Summer30, and managed to shoot on the one scorching weekend we seemed to have had this year!

The first shoot was mid September and I collected Laura from a very plush looking hotel near Westonbirt Arboretum, and travelled back to my place for the shoot. The weather wasn’t too bad and we did manage to get some different shots, which included some shots of Laura in her new boots, and some lingerie style shots. I am not a great fan of lingerie preferring so shoot nudes, but I did get some pleasing images, as well as another chance to do some shots with my new prop, the crystal ball!

The second shoot was the first weekend of October, which was incredibly warm with record temperatures. This time I collected Laura from Gloucester, this time with a courtesy car as my own car was at the garage for a servicing. On the way back to my place the garage called to say that my car would not be ready until Monday and would cost a small fortune as it needed new tyres all round and new front disks and break pads.

Once back at my place, we got down to work, starting with a cup of coffee, followed by set of Laura in jeans and shirt, which did not stay on for long, followed by some work with bondage tape. Laura then demonstrated her gymnastic ability by doing handstands on the lawn, while wearing just a loose fitting shirt; I might post some of those shots later!

All in all a couple of good shoots.