Thursday, 23 August 2012

Another Home Shoot

This week I had a shoot with Fire’s Secret. Nothing unusual in that, but this time it was a ‘Home Shoot’ and for a change it was not my home. Fire’s Secret has recently moved has now lives in a spacious house with potential as a photographic location.

We worked in a large living room with white curtains that provided a good backdrop, and if the sun had been shining would have provided a good background for a silhouette, but as the weather was not playing we used my trusty Elinchrom studio flash to illuminate the scene. With the occasional interruption from Murphy, a colourful parrot, we did a series of shots loosely based around a chair inspired by designer Arne Jacobsen and a famous photo of Christine Keeler taken at the time of the Profumo Affair

After a while we moved to another room to do some shots that involved some large mirrored sliding wardrobe doors. The space was limited and it was awkward to keep my reflection out of the photo. Photoshop came to the rescue to remove some unwanted detail in the images, and I must admit that I am quite pleased with the results.

You can see more of my photos on my Homepage or at PurplePort.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

It’s Supposed To Be Summer!

Last week I saw a short notice-casting put out by Miss LouLou so I contacted her with an offer of a shoot on the Wednesday. The reply came back saying that she preferred to shoot on the Tuesday, so we agreed to do a shoot on the Tuesday afternoon.

Having collected Lou from Swindon station, we headed back to my place and set-up for a shoot in my garden, and the weather was doing the typical British summer and was dull overcast not very warm and to top it all off it was trying to rain, the poor light levels dictated an ISO setting of 400. Fortunately my garden has a covered patio so it is possible to work outside in wet weather without getting a soaking so we started to work on my ideas.

Initially I wanted to do some multiple images that I have been trying out recently and set up two ideas, one with Lou placed in different parts of the garden and another one with Lou walking across the garden starting off clothed and ending nude, the second idea has so far delivered two multiple images and may deliver a couple more.

After doing a few more shots, nudes and portraits, we moved into a neighbours summerhouse that was available for us to use, it was the first time I had used this space and the lighting was really good albeit not very bright and I had to wind up the ISO to 800 to get a reasonable exposure. Despite the available space being limited I did images that I was pleased with though one of them did actually accentuate Lou’s height and made her already long legs look even longer!

All in all a reasonably successful shoot despite the weather, and as it happened the following day the weather was greatly improved and there was even some nice warm sunshine.

You can see more of my work on my PurplePort portfolio and on my Mugshots-UK web site.