Thursday, 30 June 2011

Making The Most Of Texture

The morning after the shoot with ERosanne and Fire’s Secret, I had hoped to do another shoot with ERosanne at Waylands Smithy, unfortunately the arthritis had got the better of me and I felt it would not be in my interest to do all the walking that would be involved as my joints were really aching from the short amount of walking that I had done the day before!

ERosanne arrived at my house just after 8 o’clock as planned and we had a quick discussion as to the direction the morning’s shoot would take. Ros indicated that she would like to make use of the textures on the walls of the outbuildings in my garden, and I wanted to make the most of the lawn that had been grown in recent weeks in the garden after it had been subjected to a long overdue makeover.

Due to restricted space, the first few images were taken with a very wide-angle zoom lens set at about 15 – 16mm, which unfortunately had some unusual effects on perspective, but I hope that the images that I have uploaded do not emphasise too much. The wall at the other end of the outbuilding proved to be a better prospect, but was overlooked by a neighbouring property.

Finally we did some shots on the new lawn, that had been re-seeded only a few weeks before the shoot, and again we had to be aware that the area was overlooked by the property next door.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

June – It Must Be Holiday Time!

I normally take my annual holiday at the beginning of June each year on the basis that as it is near mid summer the weather should be good and it is light for nearly 12 hours a day, and the schools have not yet closed for their summer holidays, so the places I like to visit are usually quiet.

This year I had a slight problem, I went down with a cold on the second day of my holiday and it left me virtually housebound for the majority of my break. I did arrange for a photo shoot at the end of my holiday and thankfully I was over the worst of the cold.

I had arranged for ERosanne to travel down to me for a shoot and Fire’s Secret, who had wanted to meet with ERosanne, was asked to join the shoot so that they could work together.

On the day of the shoot the weather was a bit suspect, but as time passed it improved and by the time ERosanne arrived it was quite pleasant, reasonably warm and the light was good. After a quick cup of tea and the application of make-up etc we started to get some images in my garden.


Later on Fire’s Secret joined us after she had finally found my place, she takes a different route every time she visits me. Introductions were made and after some comparing of notes etc with ERosanne we did some shots in my garden with one wearing a white dress and the other wearing a black beach dress, talk about giving yourself some contrast issues.

After a quick change, we all got into my car and went to a local wood that I knew would have some excellent evening sunlight to enhance the shots. When we arrived at the wood, there were hardly any other people there, but no sooner had we set off to where I wanted to take the photos and two cars with very loud sound systems turned up, at least while the music was playing we knew where they were!

The first woodland set was curtailed when a small group of curious onlookers arrived on the scene, but they left disappointed after while as the two models looked through the images on the back of the camera. At the suggestion of ERosanne, the models then went and set themselves up for some shots in a field of barley, but we had to wait for the sun to make an appearance from behind a cloud. The lighting worked well and I was glad I was using a stabilised lens at a relatively slow shutter speed for a lens at 200mm.

After few more shots in the woods we then set off back to my place for something to eat, but at the request of the models we stopped at a field that was full of poppies for the last set of images in the evening sunshine.