Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Gymnastic Drama Queen

I recently had a rare excursion to Cheltenham to work in FilmPhoto Studios with S_Olivia. I have worked with this model several times over the last year, and she has recently started to work to artistic nude levels. When I mentioned that she seemed to be very relaxed with nudity she stated, “well I am a Drama Queen, acting is what I do!” I also know that she had also been quite active in the gymnastic world when she was younger and is quite flexible, so with this in mind we set about working in a large studio space together for the first time.

I had intended to do some bodyscapes, creating landscapes with the human body, type of images to start with, followed by other images that would follow a colour theme and other well worn themes that I keep returning to. Unfortunately we were running slightly late when we arrived and had to set up on our own as the manager of the studio was away that day, so some of my best laid plans had to be modified to achieve what I wanted, the bodyscapes were done in the vertical as I could not locate a suitable table to use, I suppose we could have stretched out on the floor, but I am afraid crawling about on the studio floor is not something I can do easily these days, it has something to do with getting old I think.

All in all it was a productive shoot, and here is a sample set of images from the day.

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