Friday, 13 January 2012

Artemis Fauna

This week I had the opportunity of working with ArtemisFauna for the first time. She had posted a ‘Casting’ on Purple Port, which I replied to, and we arranged a two-hour shoot in her home studio. 

I arrived with a few minutes to spare and started the long climb to the studio, which was three floors up on a Victorian house, not too easy for me with my arthritic joints! The studio was small but functional with good daylight and plenty of studio lights if required.

After a chat and a cup of coffee, we got down to work and started off with some nudes next to the widow to make the most of the available daylight that gave a really great quality to the resulting images. This was followed by some dance themed shots, which were initially nude with ballet shoes and followed with her wearing a long white skirt.

The next set was done under studio lighting conditions, more shots were taken with the skirt, the lighting coming via a long soft box, followed by a portrait set lit with a beauty dish fitted with a honeycomb grid.

 All in all, a good shoot with plenty of images for me to work with, and I hope to work with Artemis again.

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