Thursday, 2 February 2012

Milk and Honey

I attended a group shoot at Eye For An Image Studio in Banbury where the model was Fire’s Secret and the theme for the evening was ‘Wet Messy and Sticky’, and it certainly did what it said on the tin as they say.

It was my first visit to the studio and as the model lives near to me, I offered to give her a lift, which she accepted, petrol prices are not exactly cheap these days.

There were five other photographers in attendance only one of whom I had met before, and the whole event was organised by Martyn Davis who was assisted by Stuart Thomson.

Each photographer was allocated a five minute slot with the model for each set-up, and the model would then re-set for each person in turn which did mean that a lot of time was spent getting cleaned up, but everyone did get some fairly original work.

So the sequence of shots went along the lines of first pouring milk over the model, followed with a whipped cream bikini then pouring double cream over her body. We then each had one chance of catching a shot of a mixture of milk and cream being thrown over Fire’s Secret and lastly she covered herself in baby oil and had honey poured over her oiled body.

 That's Cold

 Milk Is Good For You

 With Or Without Cream

A Taste Of Honey

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