Friday, 7 December 2012

An Hour In The Spitfire Factory

I am not currently doing much photography at the moment, so when I had opportunity to spend an hour with S_Olivia on a studio day, I did not need to be asked twice! The studio opened in the last year and is located in what was once an aircraft factory where Spitfires were built many years ago. The factory is now a complex of business units hence the name of Spitfire Studio.

By today's standards an hour is not a long time for a photo shoot so I had to be fairly well organised by my standards, and I brought a minimal amount of props with me and asked for most of the shoot to be nude, this kept time out from shooting to a minimum. I was making something of a rod for my own back as I am intending to do a lot of post production work in Photoshop with some digital manipulations which I will post at a later date.

Photographer: Me (Mugshots-UK)
Model: S_Olivia
Studio: Spitfire Studio

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