Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Back To The Factory

Last week I went back to the old Spitfire factory in Swindon to do a shoot with Miss Lou Lou at Spitfire Studio. I met Lou at Swindon station at the agrees time and the drive to the studio only took a few minutes. 


After a quick chat to discuss the shoot and a cup of coffee, the lights were set up and I had determined what the exposure was and we set off on our shoot. Lou started off in one of the studio's own outfits and we did a few variations on that theme before a quick change and we then went on to use some more of the studio's props which included a microphone and feather boa!

After doing the Karaoke set we moved on to do some shots specifically for a competition on Purple Port involving a hat, did a few variations and also used one or two more of the studio props, before doing some nudes on the studio's very comfortable new chair.

Photographer: Me (Mugshots-UK)
Model: Miss Lou Lou
Studio: Spitfire Studio

Photographer and Model Networking: Purple Port

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