Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Busy Weekend - Part II

My weekends are either very busy, or there is nothing happening at all! This particular weekend fell into the busy category as I had a shoot on the Saturday and another one on the Sunday afternoon, and I try very hard to have nothing happening on a Sunday, as I like to do absolutely nothing at least one day a week!

It was fortunate that the weather over the weekend had been relatively good, and on the Sunday it was excellent, with bright sunshine and clear skies, not normally the sort of weather that makes for good portraiture, as the shadows are usually very dark and lacking in detail, but I always look on these situations as a challenge.

Sasha called me at the due time for the shoot to let me know she would be a little bit late as she was still ironing her outfits for the shoot, but she eventually arrived a few minutes late and we collectively decided what she would wear for the first set and discussed a few other ideas.

Various sets were shot in my garden and at one point I received a call from Fire’s Secret asking how to get to a location we had shot at the previous week, and I asked her if she wanted to stop by on her way back and she agreed.

After several changes and sets around the garden I was utilising a table to bring Sasha up to my level for some shots of her lying down, when Fire’s Secret arrived after her shoot, and at this point all photography ceased as we all enjoyed telling a few anecdotes and tales of experiences of photo shoots.


I was contacted a day later for advice on how to take certain types of photo’s by Fire’s Secret as she has now got herself a camera and wants to try her hand at being on the other side of the lens, but that is another story.

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