Saturday, 8 September 2012

A New Colour Scheme

I had not worked with S_Olivia for three months and when we arranged a shoot for the end of August I was not aware that she had changed the colour of her hair, she is now sporting red hair.

We had a short shoot in my garden and I wanted to see if I could capture some new portraits that showed her new hair colour. Some of the images actually worked better as black and white due to my camera giving me some strong colour casts in the shadow areas, but I have found a way of correcting this problem so I will probably re-process some of the affected images at some point.

Some of the shots featured some new wardrobe items, including a long dress that will need to be adjusted, as it was too long for her even when she wore her high heels. We also did some nude and topless shots as well, including an attempt at some bodyscapes that did not work too well in daylight, I will have to try again sometime in a studio.

You can see more of my work at my Mugshots-UK web site or on my Purple Port portfolio.

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