Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Fire's Secret

I do not work with new (to me) models very often, when I find a model I like working with I tend to work with them on a fairly regular basis. This year I met Sharon, aka Fire's Secret, and what a delight she is to work with, enthusiastic, hard working and always trying to make sure you get the image that you want. She is also a great organiser having got a very large group of photographers and models together for a networking day.

 My first shoot with Sharon was in the cavernous space at Cheltenham Film Studios and I managed to do several sets of images, and you can see more of the images at Sharons page on my web site.

Sharon was a real trooper at this first shoot and did not flinch at getting wet or covered in Dutch Metal, a cheap alternative to Gold Leaf.

It turns out that Sharon is quite used to getting cold and wet having spent a lot of time in the river windrush at Minster Lovell.

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