Wednesday, 17 November 2010

It is about time I did this

Well I have been lurking around the WWW for many years and have read with interest many Blogs by people who are much more proficient with words than I am.

I suppose that the main reason I am doing this is to show some of my photos and perhaps explain the thinking behind the images that I create, mainly with the help of some very talented models, as I mainly take photos of models that I have met on the Internet through sites dedicated to putting both photographers and models in touch with one another. In the time that I have been working with models, I have found that I have a tendency to photograph the same somewhat limited set of people, probably because once that I have found someone outstanding to work with, I am reluctant to go out on a limb and try working with someone I do not know.

Having said that I have worked with five models this year who I had not worked with before, in one case it was at a ‘Group Shoot’ organised by a local studio, and I found that the model worked to a style that was not really of interest to me. Another one was a well-known model who contacted me in the first instance, the shoot went well and I did get images that I was pleased with. I did make the first contact with another local model, and have had four shoots with her this year already, she is making a very good name for herself and is a genuinely hard working model who is full of ideas and really makes an effort to make a photo shoot successful. The other two were friends of a model I have worked many times, I got mixed results from both but I would be happy to work with them again.

My first shoot this year was with ERosanne, New Year celebrations were barely out of the way and I had yet to return to work after the Christmas break when I hired the massive Cheltenham Film Studios. The weather was cold, and so were the studios, but this did not prevent a successful shoot with a model for whom I have a great deal of respect. I will not say much more about the shoot but I will let a small selection of the images speak for themselves.

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