Saturday, 27 November 2010

Landscapes in a cold studio!

At the end of May, during the weekend on the Spring Bank Holiday, I arranged another studio shoot with ERosanne, with main aim of shooting some bodyscapes, and trying out a new macro and portrait I had just bought. Having got into the studio and got everything set-up, I then discovered that the radio trigger for the studio lighting was missing, and had to contact the manager, who came back and lent me his own trigger, the person who had hired the place before me having walked off with the last unit that they had!

The day was quite pleasant, and so I was not quite prepared for the studio to be as cold as it was, but the effect was that there was an unexpected addition of textures to some of the images. Once again ERosanne was as creative as ever and we went on to do quite a variety of sets ranging from the planned bodyscapes to close-up portraits and using a tube of fabric, which she referred to as a bandage.

Unfortunately during the shoot, one of the main lights I was using failed, and I had to revise my lighting set-up. Unfortunately it did have an impact on the images that I managed to get.

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