Saturday, 15 January 2011

A New Year Shoot.

Last year on the 4th January I had a shoot with ERosanne, and it was the same again this year. This time she travelled by train from Chesterfield and I met her at Cheltenham Spa station, and after we had gone around in circles trying to meet each other at the station we finally got into the car and headed off to the studio.

I was expecting the studio to be cold, but when we eventually got into the building we were surprised to find that it was quite warm as someone was already in the studio, and they were oblivious to the time, as it was 12:10 and we were due to start at 12:00. The other photographer and model left and we moved in and promptly set about preparing ourselves for the next four hours of hard work!

After discussing wardrobe options with ERosanne, I set about setting up the lighting and she got her hair and make-up sorted out and into her first outfit, a rather fetching lace number with a military cap. After a few tweaks to the camera settings so the exposures were correct, getting the white balance set and taking a reference photo of a set of colour patches to help with colour correction at a later stage we were all set to go, so that was the first half hour taken care of!

The shoot went very smoothly and unusually for me full nudity was quite limited on this occasion, but this does not mean that images did not include some form of nudity. The outfits were quite varied, and ranged from a lace body and dress, an Edwardian style nightdress, a costume made from bondage tape, some translucent fabrics and a leopard print cat suit with a black corset, oh and a few with ERosanne wearing a red basque.


At the end of the shoot I asked ERosanne to take a couple of photos of me so that I could update my Mugshot that I use on various sites and her skills as a photographer were excellent. Many thanks to ERosanne for a great shoot and for taking my photo.

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