Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Fire and Ice

Just before Christmas Fire’s Secret posted a message on Net-Model that she was looking for a snow shoot on the following Sunday, this was posted on the Friday. I responded that I was available for a shoot and the booking was made.

Thee had been a good snowfall on the Friday, and even more on the Saturday as I discovered when I took my car into Grove for a service and MOT test. I managed to get back from Grove in one piece and hunkered down for the rest of the day and watched the snow get deeper in the garden. There was a danger on the Sunday that the roads would be impassable, but we were lucky and the roads in our locality were fairly reasonable to drive on, and Fire’s Secret happens to live 10 miles from my location.

There was a good covering of snow on the day of the shoot.  

At 1:00pm I got a phone call asking which was the gate to my place, well my house is well hidden near the town centre, I confirmed that it was the right gate and went to my front door in time to welcome my model for the day. A quick cup of tea and a short discussion about how and what we were going to shoot was followed by the first set of photos. Now I must admit that Fire’s Secret does travel with quick changes in mind as all she was wearing was a coat, and a knitted dress that was all removed as quick as a flash and there she was stood naked at my open front door.


Because it was freezing and the fact it was a nude shoot, I kept shooting time to a minimum and the shoot consisted of nine separate sets that were shot in a period of two to three minutes each, followed by a return to the warmth of the house to review the images that had just been taken. One aspect of the shoot was the quality of the light, it was very flat and quite dull which did not help with lifting the images, though it was probably for the best as the snow would have been impossible to record if the light was too bright.


After the shoot we both got warmed up again and I burnt a disc of images for Fire’s Secret to use on her web site. This shoot was a first for me and I would certainly like to do another one, with some sunlight.


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