Saturday, 26 February 2011

Another Introduction

I have recently started working with a young model who is local to where I live, and someone who I have known for many years and who is the daughter of friends I have known since I moved to what I now know as my home town.

I first photographed Sasha five years ago when she was thirteen, so that I could give her family a photo of her as a present from me. Recently I wanted to photograph someone who is relatively shot with one of my replica swords, a Claymore that is nearly 5 foot long, and at 5 foot tall Sasha was an ideal candidate, so I arranged a shoot with her to get the image that I wanted.

I felt that Sasha was quite promising as a model and she enjoyed the process of the photo shoot, and so I have now done a couple of shoots with her. Recently she also modelled for a studio tuition day with the Oxford Photographic Society where she had an enjoyable day working with a wide variety of photographers of differing styles and abilities.

I hope to be doing more shoots with Sasha in the future, and she has also joined Net-Model where she has a portfolio under the name of S_Olivia.

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