Saturday, 19 March 2011

Talisa Qi

In February I book a shoot with a Chinese model who is based in Oxford. Talisa had re-organised her home so that it could be used as a fairly modest, but in places stylish, studio. On the day of the shoot I arrived early and was met by Talisa who was in the middle of putting on her make-up and dressed in her pyjamas, I was introduced to her rather large and boisterous pet dog, I think it might be an Alaskan Malamute, and a pet rabbit that took an interest in my portfolio.

Once Talisa had finished her make-up we then discussed what outfits she would wear, and it was than that I was introduced to a room full of dresses and costumes, it turns out that she is also a clothes designer as well as a very competent model. We decided on a set of outfits to use and I then went off to set up the lights while she got changed.

The initial set-up was in the front room with a seamless paper background, not an ideal choice of colour for me, but it was al that was available. The space was also limited and full-length images were going to be a problem, but with my 18-200mm zoom lens I did manage to get some full-length shots.

The first outfit was a Cosplay costume based on a Japanese Schoolgirl, an interesting outfit to say the least, this was followed by a Chinese style dress that Talisa told me was made from a Japanese style fabric. Next outfit was a European style wedding dress and that was followed by red Chinese dress that is traditionally worn as a Wedding dress in China.

After a short break, the lighting was moved to a bedroom that was decorated for use as a photographic setting, and a series of lingerie shots followed. The very last set of images were taken of Talisa in the pyjamas that she was wearing when I arrived as I thought that they were quite unusual and she did look good in them!


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