Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Sunday In Oxford

I am a member of the Oxford Photographic Society, which is a very active organisation that has a very varied membership that covers all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Some time ago I attempted to set up a Studio group, and organised a meeting, that unfortunately fell through at the last minute, and I must admit that I lost interest. More recently a new member, Thomas Schoenweitz, has brought the studio group back to life and has organised three meetings in recent months.

For these shoots I have helped by providing a portable background and a lighting set-up, and with the kit that Thomas brought along we have managed to have more than one ‘Studio’ in use. At the last meeting in March we actually had three sets of lights and backgrounds on the go, and it was fortunate that we all had radio triggers to fire the flash units as it would have been somewhat confusing if we had relied on Infra Red triggers as I have done for some time now.

For the last studio group meeting we decided to work with one light set-up, which was fortunate as one of my Elinchrom units decided it was time for the flash tube to fail. Initially we did use single light set-ups, but someone did bring in another light unit that we did uses as an accent hair light, which was used for some lighting sets that I have not used since the 1970’s.

I brought two models with me for the shoot, and Chloe was very much in demand with all those present, and Sasha was also in demand. I managed to photograph four people during the shoot, but I will have to get better organised as I did not take that many photos.




As a footnote, it cost me over £100 to get a new flash tube!

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