Sunday, 3 April 2011

Another New Model

Last weekend I arranged a shoot with Laura, aka Summer30, who I have worked with many times. Occasionally Laura asks if I will shoot her with one of her many friends, and this time her friend Harriet wanted to have some shots done as well.

On the Saturday morning I drove up to Cheltenham to collect the girls for the shoot, I had hoped to hire a studio in the town but it is very popular and you need to book it well in advance of any shoot, so I then drove all the way back home to use a studio local to me.

Once at the studio the girls headed straight into the cafe next door to the studio, a spare room in a second hand car dealership, and bought coffee for them and myself. I then set about getting the compact studio set up, fortunately the heating was on in the studio, which helped to make the conditions more comfortable all round.

Once in the studio I noted how tall Harriet is, as she seemed to tower over Laura, who is quite tall at five foot eight inches tall. As the studio is small and has a limited ceiling height I could see I was going to have to be on my feet for most of the shoot so that Harriet’s head did not cut across the top of the background. The background that I use at this studio is black velvet, which suits my style o work.

Over the three hours of the shoot we took a wide variety of shots, and Harriet took to modelling with ease, and both were comfortable working together. Laura has had a new tattoo since I last worked with her and I did set up one image to emphasise it. In all a fairly successful shoot, and I hope to work with both girls again soon.


Harriet and Laura

The Tattoo

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