Thursday, 31 May 2012

At Last A Hot And Sunny Shoot!

We have recently had the pleasure of a few hot and sunny days and I was determined to take some photos, and had been thinking up some ideas for a shoot with a difference. I even photographed some birds in my garden on one day and even snapped a photo of a woodpecker on my bird feeders.

 On the day of the shoot I had to do my weekly grocery shopping, and did this on my way to Swindon to pick up my model for the day S_Olivia.

 One idea was to take several images and merge them into a single photo. For the first photo idea, I set my camera up on a tripod with a wide angle 12 – 24mm Sigma zoom set at 24mm which took in the width of the garden. I then posed my model in various states of dress and in various places about the garden. This fulfilled the requirements for my main idea for an image.

 I followed up with several sets of images in different outfits making the most of the light and shade in the garden, unfortunately the light was very contrasty, and I should have got my reflectors out of storage, but I am afraid as usual I thought about it after the shoot was over.

The last few photos of the day were rather chilly of S_Olivia, as she soaked herself with cold water for a wet-shirt shot!

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