Monday, 12 March 2012

A New Studio!

Simon Walden has moved Film Photo Studio into a new location in Cheltenham and I had an opportunity to use the new facilities with IvoryFlame, who I had not worked with for some time.

Getting to the new location was straight forward, although I was beginning to think there was a conspiracy to stop me arriving on time as every traffic light in Cheltenham was at red as I drove to the studio.

The new facilities are vast, with two infinity coves and many ‘sets’ to choose from, but on this occasion I decided to keep it simple and shoot against one of the white infinity coves with a fairly simple lighting set-up with one or two soft boxes.

 Ivory Flame was, as usual, highly proficient and did some fantastic poses with some sheer fabrics, as well as some of her latest wardrobe items.

A great shoot with a fantastic model in some great facilities.

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  1. Such a fab bright colour palette in this blog post!! Very spring like :-) Thank you for the shoot Dave.