Friday, 13 April 2012

We Were Going To Work Outside…..

We were going to work outside but the weather was dreadful so Laura, aka Summer30, and I ended up doing yet another shoot in my small cottage. Laura had travelled to Swindon from London on a National Express coach due to the high cost of rail travel and I expect she was not exactly overjoyed by the state of the weather by the time she had arrived at her destination.

The initial photos were taken in the only clear space inside my house. Which also benefits from a Velux window to give it a reasonable quality and level of light, but on this day it was so dismal that I had to use one of my Elinchrom studio flash units. The shots were all nudes. Later on during the shoot, at Laura’s suggestion, we moved onto the stairs of the cottage. As the space is very tight, lighting was going to be tricky. I set-up the flash unit on the tiny landing and pointed it upwards to reflect off the ceiling above the stairs. A few more nudes were taken followed by some lingerie shots.

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