Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Busy Week!

Two days after my shoot with ERosanne, I had another shoot with Miss Lou Lou, and once again the location was to be my garden. On this day the sum was shining quite brightly which is not the ideal lighting for portraiture and people photography, but being the optimist that I am I went about the shoot with relish.

I collected Lou from the station in Swindon and drove straight back to my place, and as we had a cup of coffee we discussed what outfits Lou had brought with her and what we could hopefully achieve in the time we had available. After the refreshments we set about the first set of images.

After the initial couple of image sets, we moved down the garden to do some work based shots with a hardhat and high visibility jacket. It was during this set that we posted one of the images of Lou in a wheelbarrow to Facebook to indicate what she would be wearing on a night out.

Later on Lou went into the next door garden so the we could do some over the fence shots, it was at this time that she caught a frog and we did a quick shot, I had thought about doing a kissing the frog to see if it was a prince type of shot, but it was a bit too lively for that.

After some fashion shots, we finished the shoot with some bondage style shots.

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