Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Summer Shoot!

I only did the one shoot in July, and it was quite a short one. Fire’s Secret (Sharon) was doing a series of two-hour evening shoots with the objective of shooting in the glow of sunset. A great idea that was heavily dependent upon the weather, and of course concentrating on taking photos.

Sharon duly turned up at the appointed time, and I managed to find her somewhere to park her car. We quickly got set-up, and I determined the exposure required and set the white balance on the camera and we set to work taking photos, starting off fully clothed but quickly ending up totally nude!

Unfortunately I have a tendency to get side tracked from the task in hand, and this evening was no exception, and I spent so long reviewing the first images from this shoot and going over images from our previous shoot, that I missed the last rays of usable daylight, and the last few images were taken using the camera’s built in flash. The resulting photos were, I’m afraid to say, not exactly the quality images that I wanted!

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