Friday, 10 December 2010

A Summer Studio Shoot!

Earlier in the year I was contacted by Katy T to see if I was interested in a shoot. Now Katy is a contemporary dancer who happens to model, she is originally from the UK but is now living and working in the USA and occasionally tours Europe. We had originally planned on shooting quite early in the year, but an unfortunate accident prevented Katy from travelling, so we re-scheduled our shoot for August.

The date in August finally arrived and I set off to Cheltenham to meet Katy at the railway station. At the appointed hour the train duly arrived and Katy emerged from the platform dragging an enormous suitcase behind her, as she was on tour she had her entire holiday wardrobe with her. We went to my compact and bijou car and having got everything loaded up we set off to the studio. At this point Katy started to get changed sat in the car next to me, I thought about joking that we had only just met, but I thought better of it, and concentrated on the short drive to the studio.

 At the studio we were met by Simon Walden, who manages the facility, who showed me all the new lighting set-up that had been installed, and I was handed a radio trigger for the lighting, this was all new the triggers having been replaced after my last visit with ERosanne. Katy set about doing her make-up and I set about setting up the lights, and we had a short discussion about what we would be doing for the shoot.

The basis of the shoot would be basically a nude set, utilising some of the props in the studio, we would also do some dance themed shots, as well as some portraits. In the end we did do the agreed shots, and the props that we introduced included a hat, mask, rope, a couple of chairs, a dais and the studio wind machine! Towards the end of the shoot we also did some more dance based shots but this time Katy was clothed in her dance practice gear, and for a few shots one of her favoured dresses that she likes to wear to a shoot. In all we took 871 photos!

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