Saturday, 11 December 2010

Phoenix From The Ashes or Recycling Again

At the start of September I took some time off work and had the opportunity to work with ERosanne again. During the pre-shoot communications I mentioned that I would like to do a shoot based upon the Mythology of the Phoenix, with ERosanne rising from the ashes of a bonfire that the person who was doing a makeover on my garden had had a couple of days before the shoot.

On the day of the shoot I collected ERosanne from Oxford railway station, and on the drive to the shoot I mentioned that we might divert to the Ridgeway first for a short location shoot near to a monument that had some ‘Big Landscape’ views that I thought would make a good setting for some nude shots. At this point Ros started to get changed out of her travelling cloths, I think I can see a pattern developing here! Unfortunately the weather proved to be a bit too unreliable, so that idea got cancelled and we went on to the primary location, my garden!

The first set of images featured ERosanne topless and wearing a tool belt and in a labouring mode! The majority of the images she was pulling on a length of rope that was tied to a post just out of shot.

The next set of images were nude shots in the ashes of a bonfire, in places they were still warm from a fire that was burnt the day before. Ros covered herself in the ash that adhered to her skin as she still had the baby oil on her skin from the previous set of images. She started off kneeling in the ash and finished it standing and quite liberally covered in ash.

After a quick shower we progressed onto the next set which featured Ros in a green dress, that did not stay on for long, finishing with some more nude images next to the seat and garden wall.

Returning to the Phoenix theme, we tried to re-light the bonfire with some woody garden waste that was available. Sadly the fire did not really take hold, but we did do some more nude photos through the smoke and flames that we did manage to raise.


The next set of images featured a new and as yet unused wheelie bin that the council had recently delivered; I had mentioned this to Ros in the pre-shoot communications, as I knew she had also done shots in a wheelbarrow and a shopping trolley. The only additional prop that Ros used was a pair of shoes that she had recently bought. The sequence of shots was great fun and many different images were obtained.

Inside my home is a rather unusual staircase, that is top lit by a Velux skylight, and Ros wanted me to take some shots of her on the steps. It was quite a low light situation but I set the ISO to 3200 to get the images without any additional lighting.

The last set of the day featured Ros in a long skirt and one of my swords, which she was quite good at wielding for the camera. This was no mean feat as the sword is quite heavy. The set was finished off with some portrait shots in my neighbour’s garden which had a bit more greenery than my garden has at the moment.


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