Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Flaming June!

Just after the summer solstice I arranged a shoot with Holly, who is probably better known as Ivory Flame. Holly has fiery red hair and a very pale complexion hence her modelling name, and she is an excellent model who pays a great deal of attention to detail. Holly had recently passed her driving test so made her own way to my place where we were going to do the shoot, but she had underestimated how long it was going to take to get here, and was slightly late for the shoot, but no worries I knew I would not be disappointed with the results.

During the pre-shoot e-mail exchange with Holly I discovered that she had a medieval style dress in her wardrobe so I decided to go for a costumed shoot with some artistic nude shots to add some variety. This was to be the sixth time we had worked together, but only the second time we had worked outside the studio. So with all of the arrangements made all I had to hope for was good weather.

On the day of the shoot, I wanted to start with some shots of Holly in her medieval style dress, and I had a cast iron garden chair that had the proportions to be used as a throne, so it was with this chair set against a Cotswold stone garden wall that we started. I introduced a couple of my swords into the setting as I felt that it would all fit together quite well. After the shots around the chair and garden wall, we did a few more shots in a Pre-Rafaelite style near to a tree in the next to my neighbour’s garden fence.

After a quick change more images were taken in another part of my garden, which was undergoing a makeover at the time, in fact it still is. A sequence of images were produced that involved some nudity, and after a while we decided to move to a nearby location to see if we could get a bit more variety into the shoot.

We moved to a local medieval barn in a nearby village, where Holly modelled nude for some artistic shots, one of which was awarded a ‘Daily Deviation’ on the Deviant Art web site. As the site is open to the public we had to be careful not to upset other visitors, and had a very short but successful shoot at that location. After this shoot I decided to do a few more outdoor sessions as I was getting a bit stale at studio work.

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  1. Fabulous Dave..I just started blogging again as well ..you know me as Mark "alembic-lynx" at deviantart Great work..love the old stone ruins photo / location